Promotional Resources

Promotional Resources

Pulpit announcement

This year, we will join Catholic communities around the world in celebrating the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’, the encyclical on ecology and climate change. Our community will celebrate on ___date ____ at ___time ____.

We’ll meet at ___location, such as “in the narthex” or “by the garden” ___ and we’ll share an announcement about how our community is taking the next steps in our journey towards integral ecology this year. This will be a prayerful, joyful celebration, and all are invited. Please join us.

If you have any questions, please see ___name ____ or speak with a member of the _____name of committee____.

Press advisory

Getting the word out about your event does more than lift up your community. It sends a positive, inspiring message about our call to protect creation. 

Sharing the news of your community’s action is a way to educate and illuminate people far beyond the walls of your building. Here are a few tips for reaching out to journalists.

  • Send your advisory one week in advance of the community action.
  • Choose a local or regional newspaper rather than a national newspaper.
  • Review the newspaper’s website to find an email address for a local news editor or the managing editor.
  • Make sure the materials you send are positive and concise.
  • Follow up with an email or phone call to the editor.

You may want to consider a press advisory like the one below:

Current date
Contact name and contact information

COMMUNITY NAME Celebrates Laudato Si’ Week

On DATE at TIME at LOCATION, COMMUNITY NAME will celebrate the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ milestone teaching on the environment, with a community action.

Inspired by the Church’s call to protect creation and by the urgent need to address our environmental crisis, COMMUNITY NAME will BRIEFLY DESCRIBE ACTION. The public is warmly welcomed to attend. 

The event is the culmination of months of community-wide conversations about the environmental crisis and the call of our faith to address it. COMMUNITY NAME is committed to an ongoing process of formation and action to fulfill its role as a protector of creation.

For more information, please contact NAME at CONTACT INFORMATION.